3 Benefits of Permeable Paving

If you are in the process of redesigning your garden, you may be trying to decide which type of paving you would like to use on the driveway and paths leading to your home. One option you may not have considered is permeable paving. Permeable paving solutions offer a number of benefits over more traditional brick, asphalt or concrete paving. Below is a guide to 3 benefits of installing permeable paving on your property.

Better drainage

Australia can be subjected to severe tropical storms which can bring heavy downpours of rain in a very short amount of time. Traditional paving such as concrete and asphalt prevent water from entering the ground. Instead, the water will either collect on the surface of the paving, or it will run off into the surrounding drains. If a large amount of water enters a drain, it may result in flooding. Installing porous paving will allow water to naturally drain through the paving and into the ground below. This eliminates the risk of flooding during a tropical storm. Furthermore, permeable paving will also allow water to enter the ground which helps to replenish the level of groundwater which means wells and aquifers will have water during the warmer months.

Better plant growth

Installing permeable paving can help the growth of trees and plants in your garden. This is because more water will enter the ground via the pores in the permeable paving, your plants will always have access to the moisture they need in order to grow and thrive even in the heat of the Australian summer.

Better temperature control

An impermeable pavement which is made of asphalt or concrete will absorb a lot of heat energy from the sun. This heat energy is then reflected back into the local environment, which is why sitting out in a paved area on a hot day can feel like sitting in a frying pan. The small open pores found on permeable paving can help to capture solar radiation rather than reflecting it back out into the local environment, for this reason, the paving and the area around it will be much cooler. This is useful if you like to walk around in bare feet.

If you would like to find out more about the different types of permeable paving which are suitable for your garden, you should contact a paving specialist today for further information and advice.

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